The story of Matcha through the ages

T-tox pride ourselves on Premium quality Matcha with a well placed emphasis on healthy living and a healthy mental state. But why ? What makes what we do so important to us ? Allow me to explain:

They believed in Matcha so strongly that they centred a ceremony around it in which the Monks would celebrate the profound beauty of all simple things and had been intended to bring those involved into the present mentally. So with this in mind, its easy to see how we: the people of today, could benefit from its use. This is where we come in.

We at T-tox believe that everyone has the right to be healthy and at ease with the world and so we developed our blended Matcha range. Our founder Johnny Harris had established T-tox with the belief that a specially blended Matcha could enhance the users exercise and fitness experiences by aiding in both pre- exercise energy levels and post exercise recovery. T-tox Matcha is specifically blended to be smoother tasting and unique as opposed to others on the market that are said to be bitter tasting and a chore to consume.

Who said being healthy couldn’t be tasty ?