Double-lined Desktop Tea Glass

A great way to drink your loose leaf tea at your desk, at home reading the papers or just relaxing with friends. This stylish, double lined,  T-tox glass helps retain the temperature of your tea, while the outside of the glass remains cool to handle.

Each glass is expertly handmade, and mouth-blown, making this a truly unique way to drink your tea. It has a large mesh infuser allowing even the smallest leaves to steep. It comes with a glass lid that keeps the tea warm while infusing, and becomes a useful stand for the infuser afterwards. It’s a must have item for any tea connoisseur!

Effectively a teapot and glass, all in one, BE THE FIRST to own one in your office or house! Better still, why not buy two and give one to your best friend.

This product is currently out of stock. We hope to have a shipment coming in soon. 

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For best results hand wash. It is not advisable to clean your glass in the dishwasher.




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100g, 35g


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