The T-tox Story

T-tox was born initially from a desire to promote the many virtues of Loose Leaf Tea. The scientifically proven health benefits of tea along with the process itself of making the brew is very much in line with our focus on Health & Wellbeing.

Compared to the tea found in bags, loose leaf tea has more flavour as the leaves are bigger, the quality higher and the health benefits therefore enhanced. In addition each serving can be reused more than once – often, it tastes better
the second time round!

At the end of 2016 T-tox spotted a gap in the market and launched the UK’s first blended Matcha aimed at those who exercise.


Drinking tea is so much more than just thirst a quencher or an automatic reach for drink to keep one going throughout the day. The act of drinking tea is an experience, one that should be savoured and that allows you to slow down for a minute, to contemplate or just to enjoy!


Johnny Harris, Founder

Johnny has been working in the Fitness Industry for the past 16 years as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist.

He enjoys encouraging people to think about their health, to promote awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
as well as practical ways to achieve it.

Exercise is one of the many factors of achieving this lifestyle, but nutrition, including what we drink, also plays a huge part.

When he was 18, Johnny developed Hydrocephalus (excess fluid on the brain), and it took him five years to fully recover.
In that time, his priorities had changed somewhat and he shelved his original plans to study European Business at University.

Johnny came to the realisation after his illness that the vast majority of us don’t appreciate our health until we lose it –  a mantra that stays with him today.

T-Tox About Me
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