5 Reasons to add Moringa to your diet

Moringa, or commonly called the Drumstick tree is something of a super plant. Packed full of incredible benefits to enhance the consumers overall health. Originating from an area in Northern India, close to the Himalayas, Natives of the area have been consuming Moringa for generations and for good reason. Here we will divulge some of the ways you can improve your life and live longer like they have:

  • The people of this area have used this herb as a treatment for over 300 diseases and recent scientific research backs these claims.
  • It fights inflammation which can be the main cause of chronic diseases such as diabetes, respiratory problems and obesity. It reduces inflammation through the suppression of inflammatory enzymes and proteins inside the body.
  • Moringa leaf is known to promote healthy brain activity and cognitive function due to its anti-oxidant and neuro-enhancer activity. The herbs high content of vitamins E and C combat oxidation that leads to neutron degeneration thus improving brain function. Amazingly, it is also capable of normalizing the neurotransmitters Serotonin and dopamine which play key roles in memory and mood.
  • Fantastically, it is also capable of speeding up healing time for injuries such as cuts due to its blood clotting properties in its leaves, its roots and its seeds.
  • Moringa has the ability to keep the liver healthy through its high concentration of polyphenols in its leaves and flowers. More specifically, it can reduce liver damage and fibrosis and restore liver enzymes to normal levels.

Moringa is an amazing and versatile herb with so many beneficial components. When mixed in with a refreshing beverage you’ll gain both an amazing flavour and an outstanding boost to the system. So go on give Moringa a try and see the results for yourself.


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